Submitted by Ivan López on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 10:34

A programming environment for heterogeneous architectures

Recent irruption of GPU devices have widespread the number of heterogeneous systems. However, there is a lack of programming tools to handle this issue.

Our programming environment is composed of two elements:

  • yacf A Source to Source Framework written in Python.
  • Frangollo A Runtime library to dynamically handle execution of code fragments on heterogeneous systems.

  • Contact
    If you want to contact us for any question, suggestion or request, please send us an email to:
    fsande AT

    Any contribution will be more than appreciated.

    We have also a blog and a forum for posting doubts.

    Here is a list of publications related to accULL.

    An accULL source package is available on this link. Setup instructions are enclosed in the package.